Friday, July 23, 2010

KFXM July 24, 1959

1959 The earliest surveys produced by KFXM (that I know about)

Dedicated To The One I Love-Shirelles #1
Highest debut-can't tell you about that, but some other songs on the survey:
Baby Talk-Jan & Dean #4
I Love An Angel-Little Bill #11
Tallahassie Lassie -Freddie Cannon #16
I'm Ready-Fats Domino#27
Along Came Jones-Coasters #29
Only Sixteen-Sam Cooke #39

Wax To Watch
Something Else/Boll Weevil song-Eddie Cochran
Lavender Blue-Sammy Turner
Leave My Kitten Alone-Little Willie John
"The Swinging Seven" DJs
Lyle Kilgore Gary Price Roger Christian Ron Garner Dale Ware Ed Thomas Cliff Cox


Anonymous said...

#1 and it's the first of 2 rounds for
How did this become a big hit here
and nothing national till 1960?
Then it will be a huger hit.

Anonymous said...

At the bottom of the July 1959 KFXM survey there is a reference to some place they called the "Valley Ballroom" at the time. Does anyone know where that was specifically or if it was know by some other name later?

When I get my time machine working I want to hit all the hot spots.