Saturday, November 13, 2010

KFXM and K/MEN November 12, 1965

Last week was the last K/mentertainer newspaper for awhile.  Back to the small survey presented here.
One Two three-Len Barry #1 on both stations this week
New on the K/MEN-DOUS TEN
I Got You-James Brown #9
I Will-Dean Martin #10
The Singer Not The Song-Rolling Stones (Import-album track)
The Revolution Kind-Sonny
Yesterday Man-Chris Andrews
Look Through any window-Hollies
Still have the K/men carictures left over from the newspaper.
Anyone see the K/men wrestle a bear?
New on the KFXM top ten
I Hear A Symphony-Supremes #7
Make It Easy On Yourself-Walker Brothers #9
Run Baby Run-Newbeats # 10
Autographed by Barry Boyd.  I have this particular survey, because of a friend who thought of me when he was cleaning up and getting rid of stuff many years ago.  Thank you!
Highest debut
I Want To-Joe Tex #28
Local group The Emperors make the cover
How about a KFXM Presents The Rolling Stones ticket? Only 10.00.
What's new with The Beatles

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