Tuesday, November 30, 2010

K/MEN November 26, 1965

Let's Hang On-Four Seasons #1
New in the top ten
Lies-Knickerbockers #6
It's My Life-Animals #10
It's Good News Week-Hedgehoppers Anonymous
Just Like Me-Paul Revere & The Raiders
Puppet On A String-Elvis Presley
Harlem Nocturne-Viscounts
No Matter What Shape-T-Bones
Crying Time-Ray Charles

The K/MEN 1966 Walk-Back-and-Forth on December 3rd.  Shouldn't that be 1965?


Anonymous said...

Yes that should be 1965 not 66.
Must have oustourced the details
to an intern.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Knuckles, the mistaken year
you're beefing about is called
a 'TYPO', nothing more!