Thursday, November 04, 2010

KFXM November 3, 1961

Big Bad John-Jimmy Dean #1
New in the top ten
My True Story-Jive Five #9
The Way I Am-Jackie Wilson #36
Appears Bob Griffin has left "The Swingin' Seven" reducing it to Six
Run To Him/Walking With My Angel-Bobby Vee
Happy Times-Tony Orlando
Maria-Johnny Mathis
Story Of The Ring-Steve Barri
Scratch My Back-Ray Stevens
Pardon-Al Martino


Anonymous said...

is this the same Steve Barri as Sloan-Barri songwriters???

Anonymous said...

Griffin was more times in and
out of KFXM than anyone in
history at either station.

Where is the BG man these days?
Liked his humor a lot.
ALways enjoyed "the BG get-together"
on the radio.
He could spin the hits and make
you laugh. What a deal!