Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KFXM December 22, 1961

Please Mr. Postman-Marvelettes #1
New in the top ten
The Lion Sleeps Tonight-Tokens #4
Run To Him-Bobby Vee #10
Highest debut
Surfer's Stomp-Mar-Kets #28
Letter Full Of Tears-Gladys Knight
Where Have All The Flowers Gone-Kingston Trio
Weekend-Eddie Cochran
Duke Of Earl-Gene Chandler
Wino Stomp-Pastel Six


Megablogger said...

Great classics on the way...

Surfer's Stomp - killer instro, Wimo Stomp - good instro, not good seller

Duke Of Earl - killer #1, revived doo wop and set Gene Chandler on his career.

And Weekend by Eddie Cochran - his final Liberty release, about a year after his passing. KFXM never gave up on Eddie.

Anonymous said...

So now it's GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE,,,,,,,,

What happened to da PIPS?

Is it Solo Gladys till she
gets to MOTOWN in about 7 years?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "on the way"....

KMEN is just about 10 weeks
away. At this point, the
staff was probably busy plowing
a dirt road through the
cow pasture on Baseline St. So long KITO....Hello real competition in
Berdoo radio. It will be an amazing
60s for that.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Country & Western Radio KITO was already established in its "Cowpasture Communications Complex" long before the new owners took control of the station in March 1962.

Anonymous said...

And that "dirt road", a bumpy ride if ever there was for driving on, was already in use along the leased property where the first KITO-then-KMEN broadcasting
studios and offices once stood.

Anonymous said...

Is the road still there?
I know many apartments have
gone up in the pasture.

Anonymous said...

Last time I drove by the old KMEN location, the dirt road is gone, supplanted by a drainage canal.
And yes, there ARE apartment buildings adjacent to the former cowpasture, but none actually built there, that is, as of October 2009.
also, the KMEN studios and offices that were built under the Lincoln Dellar ownership have been torn down and carted away! all that remains is a small concrete and brick building which houses the transmitter for ABC's Radio Disney, the present owner of frequency 1290 k.c.