Tuesday, December 28, 2010

KFXM December 29, 1961

I Know-Barbara George #1
New in the top ten
It Will Stand-The Showmen #9
Highest debut
Well, I Told You-Chantels #35
Anyone notice John Wayne has a hit here with #22 Walk With Him?
The Gleep-Coke Willis
Surfin'-Beach Boys
Movin' Out-The Squires
Scarlet-Keith Colley
The Surrey-Don Rich
Holler Hey-Jimmy Jones
I've only heard one of these short titles songs. How about you?


megablogger said...

The Gleep by Coke Willis - wow! I actually have this 45, pretty good dance record from my estimation.

Does anyone know the Coke Willis story...was he a local IE boy?

As well as the Seventh Day by Al Anthony on Ala - I presume his own label.

Anonymous said...

WELL I TOLD YOU by the Chantels
was nice snappy dance tune.

Is this some kind of an answer

Anonymous said...

#48 "The Lost Penny" by Brook Benton is the flip side of one of his best... "Shadrack".

Anonymous said...

So late 1961 is the Genesis of the
SURF era?

2 groups on board with SURF in
their tune title.
Surfer's Stomp and Surfin.
Marketts and Beach Boys.
It's gonna be a great run for
at least 6 years.

scottydee said...

Coke Willis is listed in Personalities Of The West and Midwest. I'm his nephew in charge of his archives and expect to work out a biography shortly. Check out his movie and art direction credits.