Friday, April 15, 2011

KFXM and K/MEN April 13, 1973

The Nights The Lights Went Out In Georgia-Vicki Lawrence #1 on both stations
New on KFXM top ten
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree-Dawn #7
The Twelfth Of Never-Donny Osmond #8
Little Willie-Sweet #9
Peaceful-Helen Reddy #10
Highest debut
Hallelujah Day-Jackson Five #26
Hocus Pocus-Focus
I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby-Barry White
Under Music Notes
It talks about a Buffalo Springfield reunion.  Gonna have to wait another 40 years.
Anyone go to the Swing Auditorium to see "A Story Of Rock & Roll" ? with
Chubby Checker, Danny and The Juniors, Lloyd Price, Ben E. King, Skyliners, Clovers, Crystals, Vibrations and Buffalo Bob?

new in the top ten
Stir It Up-Johnny Nash #8
Little Willie-Sweet #9
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life-Stevie Wonder #10
Highest debut
Funky Worm-Ohio Players #25
Daniel-Elton John
The Right Thing To Do-Carly Simon


Anonymous said...

I went to the "Story of Rock & Roll Concert" and pulled my Edsel right up front to park.
The concert was canceled.

Anonymous said...

I also attended that "Story of Rock & Roll Concert", and it, too, was cancelled as i pulled up to park;
but i did not have an Edsel!
Me and the fellas flew 'TransLove Airways' from San Francisco; and
then, we understood the scene.
But it was worth it (as we found out) for the sake of our own psychedelic peace of minds......................

Anonymous said...

FUNKY WORM has got to be my
most hated song of all pop
history. No redeeming value
on this tune at all.

Shoulda been the B side of a never
released A side.

Anonymous said...

Hey der, Mr. White Manz! Da Funky Worm waz kool to all US Black folks.
Yah, dat's the way it wuz fo da bloods and whatnot.
Don't knock what you be unable to culturalize, HONKY!!!