Monday, April 11, 2011

KFXM April 7-8, 1980

Working My Way back To You-Spinners #1
New in the top ten
Call Me-Blondie #3
I Can't Tell You Why-Eagles #7
I Pledge My Love-Peaches and Herb #9
Think About Me-Fleetwood Mac #10
Highest debut
Funky Town-Lipps Inc #23
New aspect of the survey-only 27 songs listed
The songs listed at the bottom are the ones that dropped off of last weeks survey.  Included in this are four songs that were in the top ten last week.  Cleaning house on this KFXM survey.


Anonymous said...

I still dig those Funky Lipps, yeah, man!

Anonymous said...

Funky Town will live forever.
Much like Fame.