Saturday, April 16, 2011

KFXM and K/MEN April 15, 1966

Monday Monday-The Mamas and The Papas #1 on both stations
new in the top ten
Time Won't Let Me-Outsiders #2
Sign Of The Times-Petula Clark #9
Highest debut
Rainy Day Women-Bob Dylan #21
Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)-Swingin' Medallions
Love Is Like A Itchin' In My Heart-Supremes
To Die Alone/Don't You Fret-The Bush 

Yardbirds on the cover
Yardbirds reading a copy of the Tiger Mag
A mention that Bob Dylan recorded an album in Nashville
Schedule of The Beatles North American Tour

On K/MEN new in the top ten
Try Too Hard-Dave Clark Five #7
Leaning On a Lampost-Herman's Hermits #8
Rainy Day Women No 12 and 35-Bob Dylan #10
Backstage-Gene Pitney
I Look For You-Sonny and Cher
Also K/MEN presents
The Byrds concert at The Swing Auditorium
Dave Jeffreys with Nancy Sinatra
John Ravencroft busy on the phone


Johnny Helm said...

This is when music really got great!!! The arangements, the lyrics.....Wow!! What an amazing time in the evolution of rock and roll!

Anonymous said...

Dittos what Johnny said. That period in the Sixties commenced a revolution in what might now be termed classical rock 'n' roll. the sheer genius of the lyrics coupled with innovative melody compositions and virtuoso musicianship was a blending of epic proportions.
and just think, The Helmsman was there presenting it right in the middle of that great big bubble of popular Top 40 radio!