Wednesday, September 14, 2011

KFXM September 14, 1973

We're An American Band-Grand Funk Railroad #1
New in the top ten
Higher Ground-Stevie Wonder #8
My Maria-B.W. Stevenson #9
That Lady-Isley Brothers #10
Highest debut
In The Midnight Hour-Cross Country #26
also debuting
Outlaw Man-Eagles #29
He-Today's People #30  (I have never heard this song.  Anybody?
Knockin' On Heaven's Door-Bob Dylan
Paper Roses-Marie Osmond
Basketball Jones-Cheech & Chong
An Evening with


Anonymous said...

HE was a little tainted with
religion. May have been a mormon
group. Don Bishop liked it.
He came from SLC

Anonymous said...

So what, Dennis Robbins was ALSO a member with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when he jocked at The Big 59 -- and a very upstanding gentleman...
Is there a hint of anti-religious/Mormon discriminating prejudice in the tone of your words???

(Hint: this is NOT a forum for discussing someone's religious views. Let's keep it above water on historical radio broadcasting issues and interests.)

Anonymous said...

The HE in the first comment appears to be referring to the song by Today's People, and not a comment about any person at the station.

Anonymous said...

Yes, stay on the subject and
don't misinterpret.

It was all about the title of
the tune HE. Nothing about Don
and Dennis at KFXM. They just
liked the tune obviously.
Nothing wrong with allegiances.

Johnny Helm said...

Al Hibbler had a hit version of "He" in the fifties. Not sure if the song mentioned is the same, but, the original "He" was about God, and it was very inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great recall, Johnny!
Too bad all those classic popular music recordings with a mention of "GOD" are considered with prejudice and distain by the far-left Liberal, anti-anything crowd and their Politically Incorrect zealots!

Anonymous said...

1969 was one of the most
religious years in pop
music history:
--Oh Happy Day
==Jesus is a Soul Man
--I guess the lord must be in

Any others I missed?

It's on youtube.
Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Listened to the YT link. It sounds like a song that wouldn't work with most of the other songs on the survey. So it didn't get played much, and disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Yea it really drags on you.

But remember OH HAPPY DAY?
It was so out of place and sounded
like a bad garage recording.
Totally didnt sound like anything
before it; didn't fit into the
playlist at all. BUT it was a huge
hit. Amazing how it caught on.
We all learned to ignore the
quality of the sound and appreciate
the rest of the tune.

You just never know what will
catch on in the pop world.