Friday, September 09, 2011

KFXM September 8, 1980

Rapper's Delight-Sugar Hill Gang #1 and highest debut
New in the top ten
nothing at all
Also debuting
Upside Down-Diana Ross #11
Fame-Irene Cara #20
There won't be another 1980 survey until October 6, 1980.  If anyone has any between now and then, and would like to share them, let me know.   Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Bummer, man! Lots of great new music and artists will be surfacing on the radio during those missing survey months, many whom will go on to headline the Eighties decade for record sales, airplay and concerts.

Anonymous said...

Is this all the station was playing?
Or is the list longer but jut
not published.

KFXM as a music station has only 6 years to go.

The current KFXM today is not even
in the top 6 of the stations
rated in the area. Even KFI is
in the top 5 there. Shame but
that's radio evolution for ya.

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

"The current KFXM today" is NOW conservative radio-voice KTIE, 'The Talk of the Inland Empire' on the former 590 frequency of the defunct K.F.X.M. licensee. the current owner of KTIE is Salem Communications and the station broadcasts directionally at 2500 watts daytime/960 watts nighttime.

Anonymous said...

Actually at this time KFXM didn't even play all of those songs listed as the station was being run by Frank Felix and Roger Agnew of the mighty 690 fame.