Monday, September 05, 2011

KFXM September 7, 1962

Sherry-Four Seasons #1
New in the top ten
Monster Mash-Bobby "Boris" Pickett #2
Tell Her Jim Said Hello-Elvis Presley #5
Do You Love Me-Contours #6
I Remember You-Frank Ifield #8
Green Onions-Booker T & The MGs #9
Highest debut
The Things We Did Last Summer-Shelly Fabares #30
also debuting
He's A Rebel-Crystals #32
Let's Go-Routers #40
You Won't Forget Me-Jackie DeShannon
Out Of Sight Out Of Mind-Five Keys
Hully Gully Guitar-Jerry Reed


Anonymous said...

HE'S A REBEL was out by the
crystals and also by Vikki Carr.
It was a race in Hollywood to
get it out by both asap. Almost
a contest who would get it to radio
stations first.
Crystals/Spector won out by a landslide.

Any station play the Carr? version?
Not bad but the Spector music machine wiped it out.

Anonymous said...

Vikki Carr was a great vocalist in her day, and her recordings as vibrant as ever, including "He's A Rebel"...................

Anonymous said...

The Carr version sounded like
a marching tune. Ala REBEL.
But I still like it very much.
I guess Liberty didn't give it
the promotion it needed.
Shouldve considering they
were up against Spector who had
already built a reputation in
the Biz.

The Liberty/Spector race
speaks for itself. Gold Star
was the home for Spector and
incredible outher tunes that
were recorded there.
Now Gold Star is not there and
a minimall took it's place

Megablogger said...

I have the Carr original on Liberty, just sold another copy for $35.

Actually, Doug already posted a KMEN list which had the Carr version as a pick on Aug. 15, then it went away...swamped by the Darlene Love (Crystals) cover two weeks later.