Sunday, February 26, 2012

KFXM and KOLA February 25-26, 1977

Torn Between Two Lovers-Mary MacGregor #1
Walk This Way-Aerosmith #2
New in the top ten
but Boogie Child-Bee Gees up to #11
Highst debut
Long Time-Boston #23
also new
First Cut Is The Deepest-Rod Stewart #25
Same advertisement on the back of each survey
Fly Like An Eagle-Steve Miller Band # 1
New in the top ten
Rich Girl-Daryl Hall & John Oates #9
The Tings We do For Love 10CC #10
Highest debut
Hotel California-Eagles #37

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Anonymous said...

Must have been when that Calif. Milk Advisory Board thing got started and they noticed a sharp decline in milk drinkers over sodas, beers, wine and spirits!