Saturday, February 11, 2012

KFXM February 11, 1977

Car Wash-Rose Royce #1
New in the top ten
Hard Luck Woman-Kiss #9
Torn Between Two Lovers-Mary MacGregor #10
Highest debut
I Like Dreamin'-Kenny Nolan #22

Something I always found interesting.  The number 2 listing I Wish/Isn't She Lovely-Stevie Wonder is unusual.  Why? Isn't She Lovely is not the flip side of I WishIsn't She Lovely was not a single.  It may be one of the best known Stevie Wonder songs.   How many people in 1977 went to the record department to buy the 45, and had to buy the album to get it? 
also debuting
Boogie Child-Bee Gees #23
Rich Girl-Daryl Hall & John Oates #24
The Johnny Otis Fabulous Oldies Show
Featuring The Drifters The Coasters Rivingtons Rosie & The Originals Shirley & Lee
at the Swing Auditorium


Anonymous said...

What was the purpose of the "BULK RATE" U.S. Postage page thing on the KFXM survey? Did these surveys ever get mailed to specific addresses/subscribers or were they sent out through the post office like junk mail?

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

"Bulk Rate" is a special mailing category authorised by the United States Postal Service which is cheaper than First Class rates, usually issued to newspapers, magazines and other publication-related businesses.

KFXM Radio used to mail out their weekly surveys (whatever the format) to various mutual interests like record companies/promoters/distributors/shops/reviewers, other radio stations across the country, media publications, tip sheets, and a select list of listeners and subscribers who merited receiving survey copies directly.