Sunday, February 19, 2012

KFXM February 18, 1977

Torn Between Two Lovers-Mary MacGregor #1
New in the top ten
Theme From A Star Is Born-Barbara Streisand #9
Night Moves-Bob Seger #10
Highest debut
Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow-Tom Jones #23
In Concert
Grateful Dead at The Swing Auditorium
Rick Nelson and The Stone Canyon Band at The Brandin' Iron


Anonymous said...


The "Brandin' Iron at 320 South "E" Street used to be called "MOTHER LIZARD'S", a pop-psychedelic hippe hangout which featured 'George The Guru' and live performances like Lee Michaels!

Anonymous said...

When did it become the BI?

Anonymous said...

I remember going there in 1973.

Anonymous said...

Mother Lizard's went out of business in 1971, then Brandin' Iron started up the ("Yes, we play BOTH kinds of music..." Country & Western thing in 1972 -- much to the dismay of many a local hippie and stoner-types.

Does anybody remember "The Green Freaky" which was a 'Head Shop' back in 1968? That proprietary establishment was located on the North side of Highland Avenue, just West of the Waterman Avenue intersection.
(I still have the green-colored mini-newspaper (of the same name) which was published by The Green Freaky)

Anonymous said...

I remember going to a headshop in that neighborhood back around 1968. It was one of a few small storefronts right next to each other on the sidewalk. I don't remember their name. I got a "psycho light" there (actually a large plastic prismatic Christmas tree topper that spun colored lights around a room). I saw the same light recently on ebay for $200+. I probably paid $2 at the time, I wish I still had it because it really set the psychedelic mood.
John from Fontana(back then)

Anonymous said...

Even though I went to a lot of concerts at the Swing in the 1960's it looks like there were a lot of good ones in the 1970's that I missed because I didn't know about them. That was a price I paid because I had "graduated" to FM rock and the shows at the Swing didn't get advertised on the LA stations.
John from Fontana(back then)

John from Fontana(back then)

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

to JOHN FROM FONTANA (back then):

yeah, you most likely did a little business at "The Green Freaky" because, believe me, that was the ONLY head shop around then on Highland Avenue -- given the times and social circumstances among 'The Establishment' back then. hippies, flower children and other hip people always KNEW just where such youth-oriented hangouts were located... sort of a 'Purple Haze' smoke signal on the wind, you might say!

so you bought one of them cool acid-mind bending lights, huh? and your right, it's too bad a lot of us failed to retain many possessions from our Youth which, as it turns out, are now highly collectible antiques, whoa!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't say it often enough how much so many of us appreciate Doug's collection of radio memorabilia that's showcased here. He knew what was importent and he kept it.

John from Fontana (back then)