Monday, March 05, 2012

KOLA March 5, 1977

Go Your Own Way-Fleetwood Mac #1
New in the top ten
Don't Leave Me This Way-Thelma Houston #8
Bite Your Lip-Elton John #9
Highest debut
Trying To Love Two-William Bell #38


Lord Darth Rageous! said...
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Lord Darth Rageous! said...

Ever since the California Milk Advisory Board began publishing their "Drink More Milk" advertisements, the national dialogue over the intervening decades has been willy-nilly to say the least!
Warnings that cow's milk is not good for hu-mans -- espoused from "scientific investigations" have come from screw-loose sources like the extremist 'vegans' and animal rights groups** who simply want to "protect" status of the sacred cow in America. (whoa!)
and of course, the academic science community has had to re-affirm the publick that dairy milk is NOT harmful in general to people. (sheeesh!)
so yes, it would have been impossible for anyone to predict the topsy-turvy consequences which have result from these milk ads.

** my definition of such "groups" is anyone/association of like-minded persons who seek to IMPOSE THEIR 'BIZARRO' LIFESTYLE IDEALISMS, BELIEFS AND TENETS contrary upon us all without any regard for one's indivisible sentient rights to make our own choices in the manner by which we desire to live our lives by.

Anonymous said...

It takes one to know one, Oh my Lord.

Anonymous said...

"It takes one to know one..."

Oh brother, here we go again, getting personal it sounds like or could I be wrong?

I thought the Lord's essay was an interesting take on something we all took for granted about the milk ads that is. It's refreshing to see some intelligent discussion on this blogger instead of chicken shit ananymous peeple taking it out on each other!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the previous poster's comment saying for bloggers to be focused on "intelligent discussion" here on Doug's website.
Keep the posts limited to the topic or subject and refrain from personal attacks. We don't need to read that crap here!
That Lord Darth guy was only raising a good argument on the milk ad controversy thing. And he was damned right about it too.