Tuesday, May 29, 2012

KFXM May 29, 1959

The Battle Of New Orleans-Johnny Horton #1
New in the top ten
Bongo Rock/Bongo Party-Preston Epps #10
Till There Was You-Anita Bryant
High Hopes/All My Tomorrows-Frank Sinatra
Lonely Boy/Your Love-Paul Anka
Hushabye-The Mystics
MTA-Kingston Trio
Forty Days-ronnie Hawkins


Anonymous said...

That Harris Company "Campus Deb Jamboree" at 9 (NINE!) AM on a Saturday certainly speaks of a different era in 1959.

Did teenagers ever get up that early on a Saturday except to go to the snow or the beach?

Megablogger said...

Just noticed the Addrissi Brothers are on the 1959 survey with "Cherrystone" & on the 1977 survey with "Slow Dancin'" - pretty good track record for any act.