Friday, May 04, 2012

KFXM May 3, 1974

Loco-motion-Grand Funk Railroad #1
New in the top ten
The Entertainer-Marvin Hamlish #8
Highest debut
The Streak-Ray Stevens #14
Sundown-Gordon Lightfoot
My Girl Bill-Jim Stafford
One Hell Of A Woman-Mac Davis 


Anonymous said...

Did that tuxedo and hairdo look back then. Hard to believe many of us old codgers actually appeared like that. But ho, that was our time to be fashionable!

Anonymous said...

Something just snuck up on me that apparently I wasn't paying attention to. When was the last time that KFXM listed the air talent on the surveys? I'm sure they might be omitted now and then but when did get "dropped" from the survey (and why)?