Wednesday, May 09, 2012

K/MEN Tom Becker

Received this message from Johnny Helm, so I'm passing it on to my readers.
In Memoriam

Our belated condolences go out to the family and friends of veteran broadcaster Tom Becker, who died on Tuesday, April 24 in Ramona, CA at the age of 68. Becker, also known by his air name of Bo Donovan, began his radio career in 1964 at KXO in his hometown of El Centro, CA. Two years later, Becker was named PD/morning personality at KDES-AM & FM/Palm Springs, CA. Subsequent stops included KROY/Sacramento and KMEN/Riverside, and, from 1971-1973, Becker held programming and on-air positions in Los Angeles with KDAY, KLAC and KBQ. Becker was later named Director of Programming for SRO Broadcasting in Seattle and supervised all nine SRO stations, including the mighty KZOK, which rocketed from zero to No. 1 in 63 days.
In October 1976, Becker joined Tuesday Productions in San Diego as VP of its Broadcast Division. In 1984, Becker formed the creative services firm Silvertree Inc. and served as the company's President and Creative Director. An avid pilot, Becker devoted himself full-time to airport management for the County of San Diego after retiring from the creative services industry. Becker is survived by his wife of 44 years, Cova; two children; two grandsons; and his mother, Grace. "Bo was a great broadcaster and one of the nicest, funniest guys I have ever known," said Greenhouse Marketing Group's Jim Hampton, who used to work with Becker back in the day at Ken Draper and Chuck Blore's syndication company, programming db. More details on Becker's life and accomplishments can be found in his obituary, where people can also leave messages for his family.


Lord Darth Rageous! said...

THANKS, JOHNNY. Tom was a helluva great sounding Morning Drive man during his heyday on the K/MEN,
recalling his smooth delivery and cheerful dictum during his broadcasts.
how sad he passed away while still so productively young in his Golden years! my sincere condolences to his survivors and friends.

The Helmsman said...

Tom was truly a nice guy, and oh, how funny! A solid jock with perfect timing.
I followed him after his shift on K/Men, and I'll never forget the day he told me about his near-ticket, from the CHP! He had a muscle car, I believe it was a Dodge Challenger....One more citation and he was going to loose his license. When he got pulled over, he pretended that he was deaf and mute!! LOL... The rest of the story is priceless!
RIP Tom, we're gonna miss you.

Lord Darth Rageous! said...

YEAH-YEAH, those on-air-anecdotes of Tom's made for attentive listening during his sets. wish i could recall if he talked about his deaf 'n' dumb bit with CHIP on his show, but he definitely was on par with Dr. Don Rose i would say. mostly what i remember feeling is is the exuberant cheeriness of his vocal delivery, SMOOTH patter rhythm and his one-to-one focus with the radio audience -- the essence of what "REAL RADIO" used to be.

BTW, JOHNNY, i sure hope you are faring well and fine in all respects!