Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KFXM TigerRadio Doug Collins

From the missing TigerRadio website Doug Collins.
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Anonymous said...

Hey good to see the Doug bio.
Short but sweet. So much to
read between the lines, especially
those of us who knew him
at the station. He was a fun
character, sometimes self-absorbed
but never and evil guy. He was
showbizzy and professional, when
ego didn't get in the way.
Hooray for the Dougster.

Anonymous said...

Mega-dittos on much of what the previous poster said about Uncle Douggo.

And yeah, that HUGE ego of Collins made him hard to approach at various times that I knew him.

Still, he WAS a super duper deejay for the morning slot and a smooth operator to listen to!

Anonymous said...

Of all the interesting people
at KFXM through the years,
DC and one other take the award.
Sherman Mason. He had his style
and flair. Always in showbiz mode.
But I loved his news reports
on KFXM. Had a sound that was
unique; he had punch on his delivery. Kinda like a J Paul
Huddleston on KHJ but on steroids. Gotta love that.

ANy others with comments about

Lord Darth Rageous said...

How could I ever forget good ole Sherman Mason, the 'Voice of Master Control' (as he used to tell me) of KFXM/KDUO's news department!
whenever that "Ted Baxter with The News" television character appeared on the Mary Tyler Moore show, it was like the producers had written that part ABOUT SHERMAN -- or so it seemed to me.

always grateful i am for this wonderful newsman continually wanting to share his time with me, teaching me the ropes about his journalism, delivery, the broadcasting business and his storied radio career up to the point I knew him.

the very last time i saw Sherman Mason (all dressed up in his spiffy tuxedo) was at either The Ritz or Crest indoor theater (can't recall exactly which!) on "E" Street, downtown San Bernardino, where he was the manager taking tickets at the door. of course, this was in the springtime of 1969 after the infamous AFTRA strike -- when Sherman and many other well-known Tullis & Hearne personalities of both stations walked out (some forever) on October 25, 1968.
and fer sure, i sorely miss those heavy-duty baritone pipes coming out of my radio because Sherman Mason really made those newscasts of yester-year so darn interesting to tune in...

like RKO's J. Paul Huddleston, yeah kinda like but, as far as this One is concerned, Sherman made his indelible impression upon the publick airwaves purview FIRST!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea he was Ted Baxter of sorts
except very smart. Any airchecks
of the Mason man? I always felt
he was modulating that xmtr at
100+. But it had punch.

Anonymous said...

More on Sherman Mason.
It was a funny sight to be in
the newsroom with him delivering
the news at 55 after the hour on
KFXM. Had all the punch and bravado
he had on delivery.
Then, at the top of the hour, turn
180 degrees, and give the news on
KDUO. Went mellow instantly.
Went from Steroids to Mellow Yellow
quickly. It was funny and one
of the anecdotes we all laughed about
at the time.
Just a note along the way.

Lord Darth Rageous said...

Yeah, if anyone could pull off that newscast delivery turn-around, t'was "The Voice of Master Control".

BTW, does anyone remember Jim Ness "in the K/Men News Bureau"??? his delivery and demeanor was later suggestive of the pseudo-newsman Les Nessman on television's "WKRP In Cincinnati".
i always found that characterization as entertaining as watching 'Ted Baxter on WMJM-TV' doing his thing -- being so reminiscent of Sherman's delivery, personality, dress style, etc.