Saturday, October 27, 2012

KFXM TigerRadio Bob Griffin

From the missing TigerRadio website Bob Griffin
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One thing this article does not mention.  Bob was at K/MEN June 1965 until he went back to KFXM February 1966 though September 1966


Anonymous said...

Had one of the best dry sense
of humor ever in IE radio.
Always enjoyed his quirks and
comments on just about anything.
ALways enjoyed the "BG get together" at KFXM.

I see he's one of those that got
dumped enmasse when station moved
to Holiday INN in Oct 63. All new
jocks and tumoil ahead. KFXM seemed
to be lost for a year. No real
direction but great new digs at
Holiday Inn. Then AL Anthony woke
up the Tiger Radio. Dramatic changes in jocks, promotion, and
overall new sound. He gave the
station direction. It was on idle
for too long. It was like a changing a 25 watt bult to 100 watts.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm starting to hum along with that KDUO beautiful music in the background again.

Anonymous said...

10-4 Good Buddy on that olde great sounding sentillating muzak from stereo KDUO-FM!
I'd forgotten the dial position but didn't it used to have a jingle to it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there were KDUO jingles.

By the way, know what the call
letters stood for: