Thursday, September 26, 2013

1980 KFXM and KGGI

This week, actually this month on KFXM.  The last issue was dated September 8, 1980.  Only 21 songs listed on this survey.
KFXM wasn't putting out surveys every week in 1980.  Just when they felt like it.  The last week's numbers refer to the prior issue which was Sept 8, 1980. 
No KMEN publications in 1980, but KGGI 99.1 took over those duties.


Kenneth Goodwin said...

On the KFXM survey: "Pop Music" by M was #1 everywhere else nearly a year before this chart appeared. I wasn't in the IE then, wonder how this happened?
Have never seen a 99.1 survey before, but the fonts are the same as the K/MEN surveys from the sixties. Even the hand drawn artwork is similar.
Good to see Bobby West here, we were friends in college and when I moved back to CA I visited him at the KGGI Riverside Studios when they were next to the Bureau of ATF (and that ain't trans fluid).

Lord Darth Rageous said...

Funny to see the back page of
the KFXM survey! Reminded me when
we had a promo sign posted on
the KMEN radio station
bulletin board
which read:

"K-F-X-M plays more MUCUS!"
(also pictured was an hilarious hand-made drawing picture related to that promo liner)

quite true!! in fact, i still have that actual sign stashed around somewhere in my huge uncatalogued archives.