Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another KVCR from 1972

Thanks to Kenneth Goodwin for this latest KVCR Survey, along with his comments.   41 years ago Week ending September 20, 1972.
Hi Doug,
Here is another reproduction of a mimeographed survey, typos and all, from my archives, this time from 1972 when I first started studying Telecommunications at SBVC.
Notice there is no letterhead here. To the best of my recollection surveys like this were printed in quantities of perhaps 20-25 for distribution to the Air Staff and Management, and a few would be left in the Station Lobby. Perhaps a record promoter might take one back to LA if he was pleased with his label’s performance. KVCR did not distribute their surveys to the general public unless there was a remote broadcast until the Spring of ’74 when they went to 25,000 watts, and then only a few went to local record stores, etc. Other than an annual presence at the National Orange Show there were few remote broadcasts, perhaps 2-3 a year. So unless someone else saved another copy this survey is the only one in existence.


Lord Darth Rageous said...

say Buddy, did the KVCR guys draw lots to see who ran off these weekly surveys on the old mimeograph machine back then??? just thought it might have been competitive due to all those pleasant-smelling fumes one got from inhaling while using that apparatus!

p.s. good show on the facsimile image you produced.

Anonymous said...

Yea they didn't have much
distribution on these.

Never saw these tunesheets.
And I was working there at
the time.
I would have saved a few.
--Vic Moreno

Kenneth Goodwin said...

These were typed up by anyone who had the skill and access to a typewriter or by the office staff. At least two surveys had a second page which I typed myself on an IBM Selectric at my Dad's office. I was just a goofy kid and the less said about that the better. Then they were printed by anyone who had the time and ability to do so.

And yes Lord Darth they had the characteristic mimeograph smell we all remember from our youth. Copy machines (photostats) were around but too expensive to use due to the special paper required.

Hi Vic! I worked with you in KVCR-TV Master Control and used to hang out at KFXM in '73 & '74. I was known as Edsel in those days.

Kenneth Goodwin said...

41 years ago! Jeez!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Vic, do you remember "Virgil Snake" (AKA "Virgin Snake") stalking about at KVCR during your student days under Rothar's Regime? And if so, what was the Snake's real name and whatever happened to him?

Anonymous said...

I was real surprised to see this sheet turn up. To my knowledge, I don't remember these ever being distributed anywhere but in the office to the students. Note to Vic, used to hang out at KFXM with you occasionally in those days. I used to really make you mad those days wanting you to play "Denise" by Randy and the Rainbows. You hated that. Many great memories. Hope your are well.

Bob Lea

Anonymous said...

I've been scrolling back in time through Doug's great blog and came across the question asking "What was Virgil Snake's real name?" Glad to answer. VS was a pseudonym for my old friend, the incomparable Doug DeRoo. Doug was (and is) one of a kind.