Sunday, July 23, 2006

KFXM Custom Flashback Album

Back in the early 70s KFXM had a contest, where you call in and name the artist of the song they just played. If you got it right then you pick a prize from 1-3. I wanted to win the KFXM Custom Flashback Album. So I finally got in with the right answer (On Doug Collins show-Pay To The Piper by The Chairmaen of The Board). I chose prize number 2, but prize #1 was the album I wanted. I did get Manassas by Stephen Stills, but I never won the KFXM album. I eventually found copies. They turned out to be Oldies But Goodies Albums Vol 11 and Vol 12. With a sticker and custom back with the jocks pictures.

Current lineup Vic Moreno, Bruce Chandler, Doug Collins, Ron Christian, Chris Roberts, Johnny Kaye.

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