Sunday, July 09, 2006

K/MEN DJs in 1968

Covered K/MEN DJs in an earlier post for 1967. May 1967 Russ O'Hara and Brad Edwards were gone. They were replaced with Johnny Helm and Buck Herring. This lineup remained until September when T. Michael Jordon left, but he wasn't replaced. Notice the Laugh-In style graphics.

The September 1967 lineup was Robert E. Walker 6-10 am, Dave McCormick 10-1, Mark Ford 1-4, Buck Herring 4-8, Phil Otis 8-12, Johnny Helm Midnight - 6 End of December 1968 - January 1969 the line up changed again, Buck Herring was gone and we got Harry Scarborough.


Anonymous said...

I have some of those top 40 hits of the week flyers that go back even further than that. Like when KMEN first started.
Some of the best memories.
50 mile walk with the DJ's, wow!
Who else remembers that?
Brenda Bools Stewart

Jeff Michaelson said...

I was going through some old clothes and came upon a KFXM T-Shirt I had won. It says "KFXM Digs Batman" and has the batman logo. I guess the show Batman was big at that time.