Wednesday, July 26, 2006

KFXM & K/MEN stuff

Here are a few things I picked up during the late 60' and early 70s from each station. K/MEN Rebound Book. Listed rebounds (hits of the prior years) in alphabetical order by title and by artist. I'll have more about this book at a later date. KFXM Tiger Bucks. Don't remember too much about these. Can anyone fill in the blanks? Membership card for the Danny Dare Love-In Affair on KFXM. Discount ticket sponsored by K/MEN for the Custom Car & Hot Rod Show.

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Anonymous said...

I too have a 1965 KMEN Rebound book (somewhere). I heard that it was an attempt by the owner of Gillette's Records in Riverside to sell old inventory he had, since that is what it was based on. In about 1968 I could get a new LP, when on special, at Gillette's for something like $2.33 or $2.88, very competitive with the prices at White Front at the time.