Wednesday, August 23, 2006

K/MEN Top 129 of 1963 and Sound-A-Thon Top 129

#1 for 1963 Surfin' USA-Beach Boys Notice #113 for the year From Me To You-The Beatles #1 of All Time Theme From A Summer Place-Percy Faith

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Bob Harlow said...

Can there be any doubt that in 1963 K/men 129 was the #1 Surf music station anywhere in the whole U.S.A.?

As for the Top 129 of all time,it
seems much more ballanced with recent versus older songs than KFXM's list from the previous year.

A very cool list! I grew up in Ontario California and found K/men
on the night of 3/10/62. They went on that morning as KMEN.I remember
that K/men and KFXM both played the Beatles in 1963 (as well as KRLA in LA)