Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More K/MEN/Jimmy Webb

First you see copies of the Wassail Song 45 by Otto's Organization. A stock copy and a promo copy.
An article explaining the origin of the song Up Up and Away. Another front page of a K/mentertainer with a ballon picture.

Couple of articles about MacArthur Park, Jimmy Webb and Richard Harris.

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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the info on
UP UP AND AWAY. Never knew all that.
I must have been a few feet away
from Webb when he was writing some
of this stuff. That "Music Room"
was right next to the KVCR-FM
studio, where I spent a lot of
time that same time Webb was
there at Valley College. It was directly below
the FM studio and we could
see the bands rehearse there
when we opened up the curtains to
see. Never met or saw him.
He was really an unknown there
except for the people in the
"music room" and Otto.
We used to play the Wassail
Song at the station also.

Give us more inside stuff
like UP UP AND AWAY...love
the trivia.

IE radio fan.