Saturday, September 02, 2006

Broadcast City KFXM-KDUO

KFXM Tiger Mag July 30, 1965. Showing the studios and offices of KFXM-KDUO at the Holiday Inn. It is interesting because the cover usually promoted an event or a musical act. In the article it refers to other San Bernardino station localities. The description seems to describe KMEN and KCKC studios. Ed Grrrrr SEZ a column telling about local events and DJ activities.
Third page is dedicated to KFXM events. Click to enlarge and read.
The fabulous forty survey and dj pictures. I Got You Babe-Sonny & Cher #1 (see artcle on page 2) Plus the top 10 from one year ago.
1965 had the British top 12 as a regular feature.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how hotels often had a relationship with radio stations. In San DIego KCBQ was technically across the street, but essentialy part of the large El Cortez Hotel and Travelator Motel grounds. Why was KFXM in the Holiday Inn, was it part trade or a land deal?