Sunday, September 03, 2006

K/MEN 25th Anniversary/Reunion

1987 There was a 25th Anniversary of K/MEN consisting of the past jocks being on the air, and a concert in Fontana Performing Art Center. The "groups" mentioned in the ad were there, but the "real" groups that were also there were Rosie of the Originals (Angel Baby) and Little Caeser (Those Oldies But Goodies). The flyer states the music of The Boxtops, Spencer Davis Group and The Kingsmen, but I'm not sure who was playing their music. Interesting story about getting tickets to the show. I was driving in Colton with my girlfriend, Kathie (now my wife), and KMEN had a contest giving away two tickets. So I pulled over to call from a payphone (remember it's 1987) and Kathie thought it was a waste of time to stop and call. She did not believe that I won until they announce my name over the air.
There was supposed to be a party somewhere in Ontario afterwards for the K/MEN and the ticket winners. I never did find out where, so we didn't go. Can anyone tell me about the party and who was there?

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