Friday, September 22, 2006

KFXM This Week in '66

September 23, 1966. On the cover a picture of KFXM's live tiger. This week there is a contest to name the tiger! Inside picture and article of Dusty Spingfield. Also a picture of Mickey Rooney, Jr. Thought at first it was Van Morrison of Them.
And an Association picture and article.
Number One again this week Black Is Black-Los Bravos. Couple of new songs in the top ten Function At The Junction-Shorty Long, and debuting at #10 96 Tears-? & The Mysterians.

Lost a DJ Jon Badeaux (heard he went over to K/MEN) and introducing Dick Lyons, fresh from KAFY in Bakersfield.


Anonymous said...

These old music surveys are also great for a lot of the peripheral information they contain. Though I never went to "Goldfinger" I went to a lot of events at the "Purple Haze" way down Magnolia near the Tyler Mall in Riverside.

John from Fontana (Back then)

Anonymous said...

I remember this week very well.
Elliot left and Marshall came in
The Monkess had exploded on the
scene. My Summer was over too!!
I just wanted to know what the
next new song was going to
be on the Charts. Would I like
it or not? Such dilemmas.

Love this stuff. Keep up the
good work