Wednesday, September 20, 2006

K/mentertainer January 14, 1966

Second week of 1966, and Lightning Strikes by Lou Christie is still number 1. Two new songs in the K/MEN-DOUS TEN Love-Martha & The Vandellas AND Until Its Time For You To Go-Bufy St. Marie Some new songs listed this week. Hide and Seek-The Sheep and Andrea-The Sunrays.
The oldest song on the survey Let's Hang On-4 Seasons appropriate since first heard in October. Got Love If You Want It by The Bush, a local Rialto group is once again listed.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of "The Bush", is their IE hit "Who Killed the Ice Cream Man?" available on any CD collection or any of the on-line music sources? I've only heard of pricey 45 rpms on ebay or music collector sites? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

John from Fontana (back then)

Anonymous said...

I have heard that a Bush CD with the 6 songs released on their singles plus about 20 other songs they recorded in the sixties is coming out by the end of the year. That means "Ice Cream Man" will be on a CD.

Anonymous said...

It will be released on the Ugly Things lable out of San Diego. Check out their website for information:

Armando From Colton

Anonymous said...

It's a must have cd. I got a copy from my friend Greg Eckler. They really were one of the best bands in the inland empire . The other was The Light with Greg and Pete. We all had bands in those day's. My friend's Dave Lauser with The Youngblood,Buddy Reed with The Original Southside Blues and Sammy Hagar.I played in a band called The Almost.