Monday, December 25, 2006

KFXM Tiger Mag December 23, 1966

Merry Chistmas everyone! Back in 1966 they did say happy holidays! There is a Night Before Christmas take off inside. Here we go with all of KFXM staff and their autographs printed up on the cover of the Tiger Mag. And to celebrate Chistmas, it's green and white!
Righteous Brothers and the The New Vaudeville Band get articles this week.
I'm A Believer/Steppin' Stone stepping into the #1 spot.
Wassail Song by Ottos Organization debuting at #28. My favorites of the new songs this week. I'm A Boy-Who/ Dead End Street-Kinks/ Niki Hoekey-P.J. Proby


Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that being
PC is not a current thing.
Happy Holidays says it all.

Armando From Colton said...

The "Wassail Song" by Otto's Organization has an interesting history. I believe "Otto's Organization" was an assumed name for a San Bernardino Valley College Choral group. The song was written and arranged by none other than, former Colton resident, Jim Webb who later wrote the song "Up, Up and Away" for the Fifth Dimension.