Sunday, December 24, 2006

K/mentertainer April 15, 1966

Still taking comments if the K/MEN folders should continue in this same order, or run the same week as the KFXM (40 years ago today) or any other suggestions. #1 Mamas & Papas Monday Monday Ad for the Byrds concert at Swing Auditorium


BiLL Earl said...

Hi Doug..Bill Earl down the block from the WHEN RADIO WAS BOSS (new name!) blogsite ( comment is to keep things as you have been doing them! KEEP posting all the KFXM and KMEN survey folders and sheets (WITH DJ pictures) until they ALL have been displayed. I like the order that you have been doing them, myself!

Anonymous said...

I vote for running both for
the same date.

Anonymous said...

If it ain't broke, Doug, DON'T fix it.

qflat said...

Years ago me nad my best friend Volney Carlisle would sit up all night dialing in on contests from KMEN 129 and KFXM mostly Kmen for contests they always had the cool prizes. My friend and I came in 1St and Second in one contest as I was caller #10 and Volney won being the caller before me he actually won a small CC honda. He loved that thing.
I still have my collection of KMENentertainer magazines. I think I'm mentioned in one contest as winning $129.00 dollars. This is cool that you