Sunday, December 31, 2006

KFXM Top 1 Hundred Records of 1966-December 30, 1966

Cool year end issue of the Tiger Mag. On the cover you get the staff and mannagement. You even get a picture of Charlie Walters who doesn't start jocking until May 1967. The question I have is where is Don McCoy? He has mentioned as a fill in jock in the last few issues, but no picture! Don where were you? Pictures of some of the top artists of the year. A list of all the number one songs.
Top favorites of the year #1 Record Cherish #1 Artist Monkees. Based on Riverside high school poll. Interesting is that a bunch are album tracks.
Top sellers Beatles #1

#1 single of the year Daytripper/We Can Work It Out-The Beatles. Cher's Bang Bang made #2 for the year. That is probably the only song in the top ten that still doesn't get regular airplay on oldies stations. Other intersting songs on the top100 #33 Hey Joe by The Leaves #65 Let Love Come Between Us by The Rubber Band #76 Follow Me by Lyme & Cybelle #88 Feeling Sad & Lonely-Bush. A lot of songs that are differen tthan the typical 1966 top 100.
They did not print the weekly top forty, so based on the next week's number listing for LAST WEEK, here is the top 40 and listed below are the songs that fell off and the likely songs that may have been the missing numbers.


BiLL Earl said...

hi Doug! i recall that Charlie Walters was jocking on KDUO-FM at the time that photo was taken. He looked much older than the other guys. Was he? He didn't look very "hip" for a Top 40 jock. Any idea WHERE he is now, if he is still alive?

Anonymous said...

Right, Charlie was on KDUO prior to KFXM. As I recall, Don McCoy was in the air force at that time so his availability was spotty in those days. Charlie was a couple of years older than me. He just looked a lot older than the rest of us. He was last known to be driving an ambulance in San Jose. Jonny Bruce