Monday, December 11, 2006

KFXM Tiger Mag

A personal story about the December 9, 1966 Tiger Mag issue.

In 1967, probably about 5-6 months after the issue shown in the last posting came out, I took this particular issue to school. (why, I don't remember) While in my Jr. High science class someone wanted to see it, and then it continued to be passed around the classroom. What I remember were the comments about how old this issue was, and the old songs listed on the survey. This was less than a year latter!! I guess when you're that age 6 months is forever.

PS I was also worried about getting it back, or having the teacher taking it away, but it did get back to me.


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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! A big thanks goes out to you. Doug in really brings me back to the GOOD TIMES with Tiger Radio Dick Lyons Feb 10 2007