Sunday, February 25, 2007

KFXM & K/MEN --- I'm Still Here

I am not intentionally ignoring this site. I have just been having computer problems. And when that got fixed I started having scanner problems. Hoping to remedy that by tomorrow. At this point only pictures I now have in files can be posted. By tomorrow I'll try to get back to my regular schedule.
Some of the KFXM guys from the middle 60s. A copy of the newpaper (Sun-Telegram) ad from March 1962 that introduced K/MEN to the Inland Empire. This is from microfiche from the library, and only a part of a two page ad. If anyone has a better copy or has an original where a copy can be made, and would like to make me a copy or scan, that would be wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I just love the fine print stuff. Is the Dave McCormick (Canada) mentioned in the fine print in the 1962 newspaper ad scan the same one that showed up on the air at KMEN in 1968 or 1969? So many plots and subplots in IE radio history...

John from Fontana (back then)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is the same Dave. He is now at 650am in Vancouver playing Standards. Dave is very popular up there,known now as "Big Daddy". Jon Bruce