Saturday, February 03, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag February 3, 1967

The Count Five are on the cover of this week's issue. Also an article inside. Former K/MEN jock Brian Lord is mentioned in article.
Charlie Walters first week as a regular. Say goodbye to Al Anthony and Bill Surrey.
#1 again this week Rlling Stones Let's Spend The Night Together/Ruby Tuesday.
Highest newcomer on the top 40 Epistle To Dippy-Donovan #29
Association's new single #38 No Fair At All/Looking Glass a double sided hit on KFXM
Personal Picks I Feel Free by Cream and Without My Sugar-Sam & The Iridescents
That last song is completely unknown to me. Does anyone know anything about the song or the group?


Anonymous said...

i noticed al anthony has dropped off the pic of him (?)..what happened to his 9 to noon show?

Anonymous said...

Al went to manage the stations
fulltime. He would return
to jock when the Jones Boys era
came into being (October 1968).
This was a short-lived era, about
7 months.