Friday, October 19, 2007

The Hollies

Articles from 1967 Kmentertainers, read about one of my favorite groups, The Hollies and their lead singe Allan Clarke.
Always enjoyed their songs, Bus Stop, Stop Stop Stop, On A Carousel, Jennifer Eccles, Carrie Anne, Long Cool Woman, Long Dark Road, The Air That I Breathe and on and on. In the 70's most of their albums weren't even released in the US, but I managed to get imports. Graham Nash and Allan Clarke were the singers. Graham Nash went on to other things, but Allan Clarke made them great.
The Hollies (without Allan) even released an album earlier this year. It did need Allan Clarke.


Anonymous said...

Agree, Hollies was one of the
best British imports.
Forgotten about their
early records. Thanks for the

Bill Earl said...

Two of the BEST Hollies singles that NEVER get airplay are "Magic Woman Touch" and "The Baby." The harmonies were still there, but with a rounder, fuller, and bolder sound. Try to hear those two lost classics.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the pre-bus stop "I can't let go". Also good is "Look thru any window" and 1967's "Pay you back with interest". Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

So much good stuff from this
by-gone group.
I'm gonna have to pull out
all my HOLLIES 45s for a
personal revivial.
Thanks all for the reminders.