Wednesday, October 24, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag Oct 20, 1967

Car Fair-This is one of the shows put on before Route 66 Righteous Brothers picture.
Stone Poneys with Linda Ronstadt. EdGRrrrr SEZ article mentions Linda stopped by the KFXM studios to talk to Danny Dare. Danny, if you read this tell us about that day with Linda.

Marvin & Tammi #1 with Your Precious Love. Elvis up to #6 with Big Boss Man. Too bad it didn't do that well nationally, you could be hearing it once in a while on the radio.
A song I liked then, and I like now Beg Borrow & Steal-Ohio Express debuting. I've been told Joe Walsh was involved with the original group. Any Joe Walsh fans out there have any details?

A Personal Pick Hung-Racket Squad. Anyone ever hear that song?


Anonymous said...

Never heard the song by the Racket Squad, tho it must have been good as it was music director Gary Marshall's personal pick. I like "She laughed loud" and "Land of oz" a lot. Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

did the deejays pick out theor OWN picks or were they assigned to them by mgmt. phyllis at kcbq used to assign the djs their personal picks for them back from 1959 thru 1965

Anonymous said...

Here's the answer to your question. Gary Marshall was the music director and made all the personal picks you see in the Tiger Mag. By the way, the Ed Grrr Seys column was written by Dick Lyons. Johnny Helm

Anonymous said...

"Hung Up" was a Pittsburgh hit. The group was from Pittsburgh. You can look it up on youtube.