Monday, October 01, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag Sept 29, 1967 Happy-Blades Of Grass

KFXM putting in another/final word about the hit Happy. This week an article about the group, The Blades of Grass. I know everyone likes The Sunshine Company version better.

Picture of Al Wilson promoting his latest single Who Could Be Loving You, at the radio station with Charlie Walters.
He was interviewed at Route 66, in San Bernardino, this year, but I don't think he did any performing.
Beatle news under Bits & Pieces
Never My Love-Association still #1
Rock & Roll Woman-Bufffalo Sprinfield still moving up the top 10
Nancy Sinatra-You Only Live Twice highest debut from the newest James Bond movie
Personal Picks
Elvis Presley latest=Big Boss Man should have been his comeback hit
I Can See For Miles-Who, one of my favorites by Them, no The Who, that's so on...
Wouldn't this be an ideal Who song for the next CSI:Lake Arrowhead

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