Monday, October 29, 2007

K/mentertainer October 28, 1967

Lovely Linda makes the cover of K/mentertainer. The new Kmen Mark Ford and Brad Edwards.
Mark will be around KMEN for a long, long time. Sounds like a good title for a Linda Ronstadt song.

The Doors are making it big on the radio, and not just FM! I remember KMEN played a lot of songs off this album.

Linda Ronstadt article.

Making it to #1 Music Box-The Light

Robert Knight moving up the Hit Bound with Everlasting Love. I assume 2nd from the top means #32.
Other Hit Bounds.
Wild Honey-Beach Boys. Didn't ever think that was a good followup to Heroes & Villians. I did like Ten Little Indians-Yardbirds. Different from their other songs. It's a Nilsson song, even though back in 1967, that didn't mean much to me..
Couple interesting most requested: By The Time I Get To Phoenix-Glen Campbell and Strange Days Album by The Doors. Quite a contrast.


Anonymous said...

It used to get on my nerves and
wondered why it was ever played.
Glad it dropped out soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I think Brad Edwards left KFXM in May of '67.....then shows up at K/MEN in October?? Where was he between gigs?

Anonymous said...

T. Michael Jordan (TMJ) has got to have been the cutest of the Kmen of all time. Anyone else care to comment?

Lonesome Louie