Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KFXM and K/men October 30-31, 1970

This week the new K/mentertainer with Dave McCormick on the cover. Try to imagine this as being the size of a CD jewel box, because that is what size it is! It's now a SPECIAL WEEKLY MINI MAGAZINE. This week features Bruce Chandler's artwork...
Stillwater (Love)-Four Tops #1
Highest debut #28 Share The Land-Guess Who and sneaking in at #30 Black Magic Woman-Santana. A while back I mentioned Black Magic Woman still dominant on the radio. Well the next time I turned the radio on the first song I heard was Black Magic Woman
New this week Me About You-Turtles Probably would have been a hit a couple years earlier

Indiana Wants Me-R. Dean Taylor #1
Higest debut #20 Stand By Your Man-Candi Staton
Future Hit
Domino-Van Morrison
You might notice I used this survey asa note pad. Only copy I have. If I had another, it's long gone.

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