Monday, October 20, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag October 18, 1968

Magic Carpet Ride-Steppenwof #1 knocking Revolution/Hey Jude down to #2
Highest debut Take Me For A Little While-Vanilla Fudge #20 Watch carefully you see the jocks from #1 KFXM on the cover of the Tiger Mag this week, in a couple weeks things will be a lot different.

New Bang Shang A Lang-Archies
and local group Soul Track-Music Express

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Anonymous said...

As I recall, I think it was either
10/25 or 10/28 when the jocks at
KFXM walked out starting the
infamous AFTRA strike at the
2 stations (KDUO).

They were quickly replaced at
by the infamous JONES BOYS.
Al Anthony had a desire long
before that to have a theme
of Jocks. He got his chance during
the strike.
The strike went into the Spring
of 69 and subsided by May.
Only a few returned (Jim Conniff,
J Bruce, Don MCcoy (who didn't participate on the picket line). AFTRA lost the strike.
Nothing was gained. Owners won
out and Al Anthony was one
exhausted manager and glad it
was over. The station was never
the same again.

That's my recollection. Anyone else have details or corrections??