Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sugar Shack #1

I think it was pretty amazing that that Sugar Shack-Fireballs debuted at #1 at both KFXM and K/men this week in 1963. Anyone remember why it was so popular, and what made it stand out so much?


Anonymous said...

It is rare for a record to
debut as#1, as SUGAR SHACK did.

But SS was such a "perfect" record
you couldn't help but like from
the first time you heard it.
Time has proven that. I hear
the first few seconds now and still
love it. It's timeless.

Anonymous said...

It's even more remarkable that there would be a rare tie@ # 1
(on K/men)with 2 songs that were
not even in the top 10 the week before.

About a month later in L.A.
Sugar Shack & Washington Square
tied for #1 on KRLA.

Anonymous said...

Never really cared for Sugar Shack, Gilmer's vocals were fairly wimpy with the Fireballs, which had done some tuff instrus like Torquay, but they didn't keep the beat for this one...also, Gilmer's lyrics didn't make much sense.

I vote no on SS.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't like SS, hang
Coming up NEXT.