Monday, April 05, 2010

Farley Ferndock

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Anonymous said...
On the blue KFXM folder, it shows a new DJ. "Farley Ferndock", who appears to be the replacement for Conqueror Dave Fransen. What can you tell us about him?

This was on the April 2nd posting, under the D.J. Personal Pick

Farley Ferndock probably didn't exist. Next week it'll be Horace Wink and his personal pick. The following week you'll discover who is new at the station. Stay tuned!!


megablogger said...

Interesting...I do know who Horace Winkk is...Dee Galiffa, a Corona-based DJ originally out of Pittsburgh, PA, who had a syndicated show and was GM of KBSC, channel 52, Corona.

He currently buys time on KCAA in Fontana on Sunday afternoon (4 p.m.), playing the oldies.

He once ran an interview he did with Wolfman Jack that sounded like he recorded it in a bar.

I met Galiffa when he was with the Para-Ville studios in Paramount in the 1970s and was recording a syndicated show out of his apt.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dee was Horace Wink on KTOT-fm 101.7 Big Bear in the early 1980's. He was a KLFM 105.5 Long Beach jock (Top40)under his real name in 1965 and went on to become GM of KREL 1370 Corona in 1971.

oneeye said...

I knew Dee in the 70's when he inlisted me to do a couple of shows concerning the raising of livestock. He had a show from a station in San Berdo I believe. One hell of a nice man.
We talked of doing a show on the search for Big Foot that I did on the side and later moved to the Northwest Wilderness and did it full time. Dee was ahead of his time with the interest and shows building on Animal Planet, Discovery, and history chanels. I am happy he is doing so well.

Don J. Long said...

Hi, I knew Dee Galiffa back when I worked with him at KLFM 105.5 FM in Long Beach in early 1966. He was known as "Dee Gee" and I was "Dee Jay". I got the job there through a friend of mine named Doyle Cargile who worked there with him, whose radio handle was "Dale Rego".