Monday, April 05, 2010

K/mentertainer April 4, 1970

Let It Be-Beatles #1
Highest debut Vehicle-Ides Of March #25 New
Make Me Smile-Chicago
Miss America-Mark Lindsay
The K/men and their recent activities
Compuerized date with Johnny Helm. How many completed the form and returned it to K/men? What were Johnny's answers?


The Helmsman said...

My best recollection is that the The contest ran a couple of weeks and I received, on average, about 12 entries a day. All together, got about 150 total entries.
The girl that won was cute, we were escorted to L.A. for dinner and saw a Joe Cocker concert. You'll see a picture of us together in an upcoming K/mentertainer.
P.S. We never went out again.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

looking forward to seeing the Winning Contestant and The Helmsman in that foto-op.

p.s. did your young "date" ever ask you to toot that famous horn of yers???