Friday, April 16, 2010

KFXM and K/men April 16, 1965

I'm Telling You Now-Freddie & The Deamers #1 just beating The Rolling Stones-The Last Time/Play With Fire with the jump from #10 to #2
Highest debut Mrs. Brown You Have A Lovely Daughter-Herman's Hermits #20
She's About A Mover-Sir Douglas Quintet
Help Me Rhonda-Beach Boys

New name on the DJ Personal Pick list Don Elliot, but also Fred Flem?
Play With Fire/The Last Time-Rolling Stones #1
Highest debut Gloria-Them #3 Took forever, but finally into the top ten.
The wrinkled survey is all I have. Until I find one in better condition, this is it. It looks like it got folded up into a paper airplane (It wasn't me!)
Ticket To Ride/Yes It Is-Beatles
Here Comes The Night-Them
Crying In The Chapel-Elvis Presley


Anonymous said...

Hey webmaster: Don't worry about
things like wrinkled charts.
It's just great to have them at all
sometimes. It's 45 years old.
They look great just to read them.
Keep em coming.....

Anonymous said...

FRED FLEM? I could have sworn that I saw that name on this site back in 2007...Was that a real DJ? Or a staffer whose name was used to flesh out the lineup? Anyone know?

Lord Darth Sidious said...

IS "FRED FLEM" the former boyfriend
of fleeting-famed fantasical femme fatale FELICIA FLOXX???