Wednesday, April 07, 2010

KFXM April 7, 1961 "FOOLISH 59"

Special 4th of July Survey... uhhh no April Fool's issue, or as KFXM says Happy Easter To Everyone! (Was it Easter too in 1961?)

California Sun-Edmund "Pat" Brown (Joe Jones) #1 Second Week
Highest debut Mother-In -Law-Somebody, Take Mine Please! (Ernie K-Doe) #22
A lot of interesting new artists on the top 40 this week. #3 Thomas E. Dewey #10 Fidel Castro #15 Kennedy & Krushchev #20 Laura Scudder #25 Dick Nixon #33 Count Dracula Politicians seem to be climbing the charts.
Like Long Hair-Paul Revere & The Raiders


Anonymous said...

Is that MARY WELLS pick hit on
Motown. Or was she not there yet?
In any case, this one didn't go
anywhere. Never heard it.

Paul Revere & Raiders not quite
ready for hits. Within 3 years,
they'll hit big for many

By the way, I do remember seeing
this 4/1 tunesheet back then that
week. I thought it was clever and

Bob Harlow said...

"Bye Bye Baby" by Mary Wells was
Motown 1003 . Her first Hot Hundred charted record. Got to #45
on Billboard.

Her second charted song "I Don't Want To Take A Chance" came out in July of '61 and got to #33.

Mary Wells finally hit the National Top 10 in '62 with "The One Who Really Loves You" (#8)

Anonymous said...

I think here career on the pop
charts ended when she left Motown
and went to 20th Century.
By then, nothing was happening
with the HDH group at Motown for