Wednesday, October 27, 2010

KFXM October 20 and 27, 1961

Somebody was paying attention.  I was told I missed last weeks 1961 KFXM Survey.  I checked and you are right! Thank you. This will bring you up to date.
Runaround Sue-Dion #1 on both surveys
New on the top ten on the first survey
One Track Mind-Bobby Lewis #6
Big Bad John-Jimmy Dean #7
Goodbye Cruel World-James Darren #8
I Love How You Love Me-Paris Sisters #9
Highest debut
Sweets For My Sweet-Drifters #34
Town Without Pity-Gene Pitney
My Prayer-Tony Williams
Language Of Love-John D. Loudermilk

Joy Joy-Little Richard
New in the top ten
Gypsy Woman-Impressions #9
Tower Of Strength-Gene McDaniels #10
My Girl-Charles McCullough
The Girl From Kooka Monga-Thomas Ridgley
School Is In-Gary US Bonds
Crazy-Patsy Cline
It Do Me So Good-Ann-Margaret  (anyone see her on CSI this week?)
Anyone out there know anyone who entered the "Miss KFXM Contest"? You could win a part in a movie, trip to Las Vegas, "A Day at Disneyland", Beautiful wardrobe and a Complete Record Library.

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Anonymous said...

MY GIRL by Charles McCullough in
Wax2Watch was a great slow dance
tune at school/private parties.
Never rated high but it was
Now that was a slow song.
Flip it over and you find a
fast dance song called ZORRO.
Loved both sides.